Qadiriyyah Movement seeks support of traditional rulers,  Ulamas


From KABIR  Dankatsina

The leader of Qadiriyyah Islamic Movement (QIM) in charge of the eight states in the North West of Nigeria,  Prof.  Muhammadu Bello Abubakar Kanwa has called on traditional rulers and Islamic leaders in the eight states to support the movement in order to achieve its goals .

He made the call yesterday at the emir of Gwandu’s palace in Birnin Kebbi with teaming supporters of the movement on a courtesy visit to the Chairman Kebbi State Council of Chiefs and the emir of Gwandu, Muhammad Iliyasu Bashar.

Prof. Kanwa told Emir Muhammad Iliyasu Bashar that he was in his palace with the consent of the National leader of the movement,  Sheik Nasiru Kabara and other leaders of Kaduna, Sokoto,  Zamfara,  Katsina,  Kebbi, Niger,  Nassarawa and Abuja  to seek his support towards achieving the goals of the Qadiriyyah Movement in the state and the country.

 He noted that Qadiriyyah, like any other Islamic movement such as Izalatul-Bidia, Salifiyyah and Tijjaniyyah, has its mode of operation according to the tenets of Islam.

  The QIM leader recalled that Qadiriyyah Movement has started since the time of Shehu Usman bin-Fodio and Sheik Abdullahin Gwandu and has many followers today.

 He said both leaders and followers of the movement were law abiding citizens who always operate within the context of Islamic laws. He also sought the inclusion of the movement in the  affairs of Islamic and social services .

Emir of Gwandu,  Muhammad Iliyasu Bashar appreciated their visit and assured them of his support. The Monarch however advised the movement to always avoid preachings that can bring animosity with other movements.


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