G20 incomplete without Nigeria. -President Tinubu


President Bola Ahmed Tinubu of Nigeria has told G20, the industrilised nations of the world that the group is incomplete without Nigeria.


President Tinubu made the remarks while addressing leaders of the bloc on Saturday in India,  saying Nigeria will play a vital role among the countries in shaping a “more equitable world”.

The president said the challenges confronting the world cannot be addressed without multilateral cooperation.

“Stronger collaboration, cooperation, and partnerships among diverse regions are the pathways to a peaceful, prosperous, and sustainable future for our world,” Tinubu was quoted saying

He said the G-20 has a key role in shaping a new world order that is fair and rules-based, adding that a world divided by “staggering income inequalities and uneven access to basic social goods” by the majority, cannot result in a peaceful and secure world.

Tinubu also said in the true spirit of mutual respect and sustainable development, rules and global governance structures touching on “collective dreams” must be collectively designed, owned, and managed.

“Nigeria is poised, able and willing to be a major player in this family of the G-20 and in shaping a new world, without whom, the family will remain incomplete,” he said.

Tinubu congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi for India’s achievement in successfully landing a rover on the moon.

Speaking in another session, the president said the world “must strive to create a world of inclusiveness” in order to strengthen the “ownership of our planet”.


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