2023 Hajj: Nigerian pilgrims pay less


Intending pilgrims for 2023 hajj operations from Nigeria will pay less fare than last year the Nationa Hajj Commission, NAHCON has announced.

The fares was slashed because of the five percent discount grant by the Mutawwif Company of Africa and Non-Arab countries, otherwise known as Muassassah.

In a statement, NAHCON Assistant Director, Information and Publication Alhaji Mousa Ubandawaki, said that the Commission got the discount when it signed an agreement with the Mutawwif Company on the services to be provided during the 2023 Haj operationsj.

Alhaji Ubandawaki said that the agreement, which was signed by the NAHCON Chairman, Alhaji  Zikrullah Hassan and the Chairman of Mutawwif Company, Ahmad Sindy, is part of preparations for this year’s Hajj, scheduled to start at the end of June.

The pact focused on the roles expected of the two parties during the Hajj. It also covers the services to be provided to the pilgrims in the areas of enlightenment, guidance, movements/transportation especially during the Mashair.

In his speech, Alhaji Hassan, recalled the ugly experience the Nigerian pilgrims went through during 2022 Hajj at the Mashair, which he said they would not want repeated.

“Now that this year’s Hajj has begun, we want to know what services to expect at the Mashair to know what to tell our pilgrims at home.

 ” We are asking for better services this year and we want it at reduced price. Though, we acknowledge the amount of investment made to upgrade the facilities at the Mashair which are long term,” he said.

In his presentation, the Chairman of Mutawwif Company, Ahmad Sindy, reiterated the Company’s commitment on upgrading the feeding and Catering Services at the Mashair and said that the unfortunate incidence of last year will not be repeated as they are more committed to the welfare and well-being of pilgrims through improved facilities and eco-friendly settings.

“We will also upgrade the quality of food in terms of calories and weight. In addition, we have contacted a well known nutritionist to ensure that the service delivery is best,“

NAHCON delegation at the event included the Commissioner for Policy, Personnel, Management and Finance Alh. Nura Hassan Yakassai, Commissioner Operations, Licensing and Inspectorate, Alh Abdullahi Magaji Hardawa, and the Commissioner in charge of Planning, Research, Statistics, Information and Library Services Shaikh Suleman Momoh and some Board members of the Commission.


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