Israel receives 200 cargo planes


Israeli has received about 200 cargo planes from various counties to help her fight Hamas, the Ministry of Defense has revealed.

The delivered military equipment encompasses a range of supplies, including ammunition, armored vehicles, and weapons. This revelation emerges at a crucial moment, as the use of weapons manufactured in the United States in the ongoing conflict faces heightened examination.

The State Department and Defense Department of the United States have stated that they are examining a report from Amnesty International expressing worries about the possible deployment of weapons made in the US in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. The report specifically mentions the use of a guidance system made in the United States in two October airstrikes, leading to civilian casualties.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense revealed the substantial military assistance by indicating that more than 10,000 tons of military gear have been sent since the commencement of the war on October 7. Visual materials released by the ministry display diverse armored vehicles and supply pallets, offering a concrete insight into the significant military backing received.

The Ministry acknowledged receiving aid from multiple countries but chose not to disclose specific information about the nations contributing or the proportion of aid from the United States. Significantly, the delivery of military assistance from the United States began soon after the start of the conflict, introducing additional complexities to the geopolitical landscape in relation to the current situation in Gaza.


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