Iran warns western nations to leave Middle East


Western nations have urged to leave the Middle East and avoid fueling tensions in the region.

The warning was handed down by Iran defence Minister,Brigadier General Mohammadreza Ashtiani

“The presence of the United States and some European countries in the region will trigger reaction from the entire region, including from the axis of resistance, and I recommend these foreign countries leave the region and not seek to create tension, ” he said

He then touched upon the extensive pressure in political and economic domains put by different countries over the Israeli regime and its supporters, saying, “People in the region will see that this usurper and child-killing regime will be toppled and real security will return to our region.”

“When the Al-Aqsa Storm operation began, the Zionist regime was taken by surprise on all fronts, and was completely pushed to the brink of downfall, which means a ‘heavy defeat’,” he said about the Gaza war.

“This operation led to this evil regime facing collapse in different areas, namely political, military and other areas, and seriously feeling the danger of complete annihilation. That is why they began to support this regime and some European countries go on board with them,” the top general said.

He referred to the United States’ strategic mistakes and miscalculations, especially in the region, adding, “It is proven to the whole world that the Zionist regime is a criminal one, and the United States’ biggest mistake is to support this child-killing regime, and they should know that they will definitely pay the price for all these crimes


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