Shiites debunk DSS surveillance report


The Shiites in Nigeria, under the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, IMN has denied reports that it is planning a surveillance programme on residences of security personnel residences across Nigeria and Niger State in particular

The Department of State Security, DSS has released information that the group is planning a surveilance programme on residences of security personnel.

The notice titled ‘Planned Surveillance on Residences of Security Personnel by Shiites Members’, and signed by the Director, DSS Suleja, read in part

“Intelligence available to this service indicates that members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN)/SHIITES have concluded plans to initiate and sustain surveillance on the residence of security personnel in states across the Federation.

“This worrisome activity is expected particularly in states/areas where they have strong presence such as Suleja LGA and Niger State as a whole,”

But the IMN, in a statement on Wednesday, signed by Sidi Munir Mainasara, a member of the Movement, denied the allegations, saying it would never do what would negatively affect the peace of the public.

The statement read in part, “We wish to unequivocally reiterate that there is nothing like IMN or members of IMN who unleash such atrocities. If the laughable intel is however meant to malign the followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), we would say that it is dead on arrival.

“Obviously, both the security personnel of whatever arm in this country and the public know that it is never in our modus operandi to do what will negatively affect the peace of the public.

“It is on record that Sheikh Zakzaky’s led Islamic movement has never engaged in any act untoward to peace or destruction of lives and properties of the public. Even our arch enemies know that we have remained patient, resolute, and steadfast even in the wake of the highest provocation.

“Accordingly, while we caution the enemies of peace under whatever guise to desist from such maliciousness and mischief, we hereby categorically state that, if anything happens to anyone under this pretext, the DSS should be held responsible”


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