Israel cuts all contacts with Gazans, sends workers back


The Israeli government has announced a decision to return Gazans working within Israel back to the Palestinian territory after nearly four weeks of striking Hamas targets in response to a cross-border attack, .

“Israel is severing all contact with Gaza. There will be no more Palestinian workers from Gaza.” Those who were in Israel at the onset of the conflict will be repatriated to Gaza, though the specific number of individuals affected was not specified ” the Israeli security cabinet declared.

There were around 18,500 Gazans holding work permits in Israel  according to COGAT, the Israeli before the commencement of the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The exact number of Gazans employed in Israel at the time of the October 7 attack, in which Hamas militants breached the border resulting in significant casualties, has not been provided.

In the aftermath of the attack, Israel responded with a sustained bombing campaign on the Hamas-controlled territory. This offensive has unfortunately led to a considerable loss of life, primarily among civilians, with the Hamas-run health ministry reporting more than 9,000 casualties.


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