Germany. grants €81 million to ECOWAS


Germany has granted the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS  €81 million, which brings to €500 million, the total Germany’s support over a address vital areas of development in the subregion

The gesture was announced by the President of ECOWAS, Dr. Omar Alieu Touray on Sunday when he received the German Chancellor, Olaf Scholz who is in Abuja on a two day visit to Nigeria.

Touray revealed that the grant will cover peace and security, social protection in the sub-region amongst other things.

The Commission’s President, said: “Recently, we concluded an agreement of €81 million that the government of Germany and the people of Germany have decided to grant ECOWAS to support in various areas.

“The grant will cover areas such as peaceful and inclusive society, climate and energy transition, sustainable and economic development, health, social protection and population. These are important sectors and we appreciate Germany for their support.”

He equally disclosed that ECOWAS and Germany have agreed to work closely to address the numerous challenges facing the sub-region.

Touray during a joint press briefing with the German Chancellor, said: ” Your Excellency during our discussion, we talked about the challenges that this region is facing such as insecurity, and infrastructure deficit. We have agreed to continue working together. Our regions are closely linked. What happens in one area affects the other and then we appreciate what Germany is doing individually and through the European Union for supporting this region.

“We are appreciative of the partnership that the region continues to enjoy with Germany and the EU particularly in the area of peace and security, and strong governance.”

On his part, the German Chancellor stressed the need to support the subregion in developing its infrastructure and other institutions, noting that it was important to improve trade exchanges in the subregion.

He said: “These are structures that have to be set up in order to improve the exchange at the level of ECOWAS countries. Strengthen the economic, strengthen power of countries that are united in this organisation.”

He also listed health, peace and security amongst other areas of cooperation with ECOWAS.

The German Chancellor In the area of security, said his country is in support of ECOWAS stand on Republic of Niger.

He stressed that his country does not support the evil take over of government .

Chancellor of Germany with President Tinubu of Nigeria

He said: “The situation of peace and security in the region is important. The times are turbulent and we have to make sure that in such times peace and security can be provided for and ECOWAS has played an important part in the recent past as far as that is concerned.

” So we particularly value the exchange with ECOWAS on this subject matter. It is about not accepting military coups demanding that a return to constitutional authority takes place and provide for peace and security in the region.


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