Christian pilgrimage goes as scheduled


The Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission (NCPC) has announced that the annual Christian pilgrimage to Israel will go ahead as scheduled despite the crisis between Israel and Palestine that is raging in the region.

The decision was made after a meeting between members of the NCPC and the Israeli embassy in Nigeria, where it was agreed that all necessary safety measures would be put in place to ensure the safety of Nigerian pilgrims.

The NCPC Executive Secretary, Rev. Yakubu Pam, announced the decision in a statement, saying that he had been reassured of the Israeli authorities’ commitment to ensure the safety of Nigerian pilgrims during the period of the pilgrimage.

Rev. Pam therefore urged all Christian Pilgrims to pray spiritedly for the peace and progress of Nigeria during the nine days of visits to Old Testament holy sites in Jordan and New Testament holy sites in Israel, adding that they must always reflect patriotism, forgiveness, generosity, and other worthy virtues henceforth.

The Christian pilgrimage to Israel is an annual event organized by the NCPC that provides an opportunity for Nigerian Christians to visit and pray at holy sites in Israel.

In recent weeks, Israel and Hamas have been engaged in a violent conflict, with rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel and Israel launching airstrikes in response. The conflict has resulted in hundreds of casualties and has been a cause of concern for countries around the world.

Despite the difficult circumstances, the NCPC has made it clear that the pilgrimage is an important spiritual event for Nigerian Christians and will proceed as planned. The Commission has assured pilgrims and their families that all necessary measures will be taken to ensure their safety.

The announcement by the NCPC has been welcomed by many Nigerians, who see the pilgrimage as an important part of their faith and spiritual journey. It is hoped that the pilgrimage will proceed smoothly and safely and that Nigerian pilgrims will have a meaningful and fulfilling experience.



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