Nigeria @ 63 : Senator Abdul’aziz Yar’adua salutes Nigerians


By Lawal Gwanda

Senator Abdul’aziz Musa ‘Yar’adua of Katsina Central Senatorial District says the 63rd Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary serves as a reminder of the collective journey Nigerians have undertaken as a nation and the remarkable potential that lies within our diversities.

The seanator stated this while extending warm greetings and felicitations to Nigerians particularly his constituents on the celebration of Nigeria’s 63rd independence anniversary.

Senator Abdul’aziz Yar’adua said Nigeria’s Independence signifies the tenacity and resillience of the founding fathers who fought tirelessly to secure freedom from colonial rule, saying it is a day that calls for introspection, celebration and renewed commitment to the progress and prosperity of great Nigeria.

He assured that the government, including the Senate is wholeheartedly dedicated to working hard and diligently to ensure that the benefits of the independence manifest in tangible ways across Nigeria.

“Our focus remains directed towards uplifting the lives of every Nigerian and creating an environment conducive to growth and development.

“The Senate, as a critical institution in our democracy, is committed to enacting legislation that addresses the challenges facing our nation, promotes good governance, and contributes to the overall well-being of our people. We recognize the urgency of the task at hand, and we are resolute in our efforts to tackle issues such as security, education, healthcare, infrastructure development, unemployment, and poverty eradication.”

He further said while acknowledging the hurdles to overcome, it is essential to emphasize our unwavering belief in the potential of Nigeria. “We stand united with our fellow citizens in viewing these challenges as opportunities to propel our nation forward. We are confident that by working hand in hand, we can achieve greatness and create a Nigeria that we can all proudly call home.”

Senator ‘Yar’adua claimed that our resilience as a nation has been witnessed time and time again, from the days leading up to the Nigeria’s independence to the present, adding that Nigerian should remain steadfast, with hope in their hearts and a firm commitment to building a prosperous and united Nigeria.

“As we celebrate our independence, let us honor the sacrifices of our founding fathers by playing our part in nation-building. Together, we can uphold the values for which Nigeria stands – unity, peace, justice, and progress,” he said


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