No perfect election anywhere.  – Shema


By Lawal Gwanda

Former Governor of Katsina State Barr Ibrahim Shenu Shema has reminded Nigerians that there is never a perfect election anywhere in the world and Nigeria can not be an exception.

Shema made this known on Tuesday while briefing newsmen in Katsina, emphasisingthat Nigerians must learn to manage situation in the interest of the nation.

He pointed out that Nigerians must give away sectionalism, tribalism, religious differences, personal or group interest to national and collective interest.

The former governor also urged all political, regional, religious, traditional and business leaders to join hands in supporting Nigeria’s democracy in the interest of peace and unity to calm the nation.

He stressed the need for all leading candidates in the contest to come together and speak with one voice for the peace and unity and stability of the country they seek to lead.

Shema however emphasised that this election is aclaimed to be peaceful, but not without challenges, and INEC must look into genuine and legitimate concerns and complaints and must act strictly in consonance with the laws of the land.

He therefore charged security agencies to ensure effective discharge of their constitutional responsibilities of protecting the lives and property of Nigerians wherever they are.


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