Mastermind of Abuja -Kaduna train attack arrested


The mastermind of Abuja – Kaduna train attack has been arrested by security operatives in a joint operation by security forces, Thursday. This is a major breakthrough in the fight against terrorism in Nigeria.

The arrest of the mastermind of the train attack is a significant achievement for the Nigerian security forces. It demonstrates their commitment and determination to tackle the menace of terrorism in the country and protect the lives and property of citizens.

 Recall that the Abuja-Kaduna train line has been a frequent target of terrorist attacks in recent years, with dozens of people killed or injured in multiple incidents. The attacks have disrupted transportation and caused fear and panic among commuters and the public.


The operation that led to the arrest of the suspect was reportedly conducted with intelligence support from local informants, and involved a combination of ground troops and air support. The suspect was reportedly apprehended without resistance, and is currently in custody for further interrogation and investigation.

The arrest has been hailed by many Nigerians, who have long been calling for stronger action against terrorism in the country. It is hoped that the arrest will lead to the dismantling of the network responsible for the train attacks, and the prevention of future incidents.


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