NATO in “war of aggression using Ukraine against Russia


NATO is engaged in a “war of aggression using Ukraine against Russia,” and if it achieved its proximate goals in that region, it would likely “escalate to nuclear war and represent the end of all humanity as we currently know it.” nLifeSiteNews has reported Scott Ritter, a former U.S. Marine intelligence officer who served in the Soviet Union implementing arms control agreements.

Therefore, “NATO is a suicide pill for the world,” Scott Ritter said. “The world needs to understand that. NATO doesn’t protect anybody.”

Beyond his earlier experience serving the Pentagon in Russia, Ritter is well known for his role as the Chief Inspector for the United Nations in Iraq, searching for that nation’s alleged “weapons of mass destruction” the supposed presence of which provided a pretense for the American invasion in 2003.

“Every NATO nation that’s providing heavy weaponry and providing transit support to that weaponry to Ukraine, for the purpose of closing with and destroying Russian forces through firepower maneuver, is a party to the conflict,” he said in a recent video interview posted by Col. Douglas Macgregor. “And Russia has every right under international law to interdict this supply on those territories.”

“If Russia was the United States, and other nations were doing this to America, we would be striking logistic depots in England. We would be striking transport hubs in Germany and Poland because that’s what nations do to defend themselves,” Ritter said.

On the contrary, “Russia has engaged in what I would call ‘responsible escalation management,’” the author of eight books assessed. “And I think the world should be grateful that Russia has a mature leader in President Vladimir Putin who doesn’t overreact to these gross provocations by the West.”

Even if Ukraine was successful at achieving its goals of retaking the territory acquired by Russia through referendum — with the necessary help of weapons from NATO — Ritter states “Russia would attack every single NATO member.”

“So this is a nightmare for the West because they claim to want something [for which] the end result will be a direct conflict between Russia and NATO,” which could very likely precipitate into nuclear war.

“So basically,” he continued, “NATO is a suicide pill for the world. The world needs to understand that. NATO doesn’t protect anybody.”

Asked how common people can help prevent this scenario, Ritter simply said, “Russia has to win. And I say this as an American who spent much of my adult life training to close with and destroy the Russian enemy through firepower and maneuvers. It’s not as though I grew up wanting a Russian victory.

“But when I take a look at the situation in the world today, and take a look at the fact that this Ukrainian conflict is derived from two decades of war-like behavior and rhetoric on the part of NATO, the United States and others against Russia — seeking to use Ukraine as a proxy to damage, destroy, undermine and ultimately cause the downfall of Russia — a Russian victory is the only thing that takes us off that path,” he said.

“And fortunately for the world, Russia is in position to be able to carry out this victory. And I think anybody in the world, and this is the greatest irony of all, if you’re someone who loves peace, somebody who hates war, somebody who wants a world where people live in peaceful coexistence, pray for a Russian victory. Pray for a Russian victory, because that’s the only thing that will bring peace to the world,” Ritter concluded.


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