APC: Mother of presidential rallies


APC: mother of presidential rallies

By Mohammad Lawal Maikudi:  As the All Progressives Congress, APC holds its presidential campaign rally today in Katsina, the modernised ancient  city wears a new look as the crowd has began swelling with supporters and members trooping from all parts of Nigeria to show solidarity with Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the party and its candidates for 2023 general elections.
The national  leadership of the party are in Katsina as well as the APC governors and other critical stakeholders and government functionaries from both executive and legislature are there to show solidarity with President Muhammadu Buhari and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
The Katsina rally is unique for two or three reasons. It should be noted that Katsina is the home state to President Buhari and the rally should have some presidential touch. Since Buhari join political contest, he has never missed the massive support of his home state. Now that he is about winding up, it is an opportunity to showcase his preferred choice to succeed him.
Katsina State has benefitted from Tinubu more than any other state in Nigeria as he pooled resources to work with Buhari and ensure a peaceful and successful transition of political power from one political party to another thereby consolidating democracy in the largest economy in Africa.
Katsina State, in the last eight years has been dominated by the APC even though it was PDP home before the 2011 elections.
From 2015 to date, the APC has been, not only the party to beat, but has succeeded in muscling other political parties into submission, the PDP inclusive.
As of today, the APC in Katsina State has everything in its basket  from the presidency, the governor, the three senators, the 15 members if the House of Representatives, 34 members of the Katsina State House of Assembly and the 34 local government councils.
No other state in Nigeria enjoys the above composition and no state may surpass it in the 2023 general elections.
The rousing reception given to the APC gubernatorial candidate, Dr Dikko Umar Radda Campaign Train during its tour of the 34 local governments and 361 wards of the state are part of the confidence building evidence that the APC is set to maintain and improve its rating in Katsina State
Another factor that may spur the APC is the main opposition party in Nigeria and Katsina State. Recall that when the PDP had its presidential rally in the state, it was attended by a mammoth crowd of supporters, which some political observers and analysts say has jilted the APC in the state.
Some reports say the Katsina APC has officially invited about 120,000 guests from within the state.
The Muhammadu Dikko Stadium, which has 30,000 sitting capacity will be full and may spill over to neighbouring spaces. The event is expected to generate over 12,000 vehicles coming from all directions of the city.
The event is coming up at a very critical situation where there is scarcity of fuel and cash with the cashless policy and lack of liquid cash biting citizens hard.
The security agencies, especially the police are taking measures to ensure peaceful outing.


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