NATO ready for direct confrontations with Russia


The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, NATO has said it is ‘ready for a direct confrontation with Russia’ and must be as there may be ‘no time to prepare’ for a Russian attack, but experts fear we could be heading towards World War 3

A NATO official has declared the alliance is “ready” to fight Vladimir Putin’s Russia directly but some military experts have urged caution and say the likelihood of World War Three is “increasing”.

The chairman of NATO’s Military Committee, Bauer told Portuguese television channel RTP: “We nations in NATO thought for decades that we were owning the timelines. We were the ones that decided to go to Afghanistan, to go to Iraq, it was a decision from NATO, from the NATO nations.

“So we owned the timelines. We were saying when we are going, with how many troops, for how long, etcetera. Bauer is an admiral in the Royal Netherlands Navy

“Now, we are facing a threat, which is Russia, which is coming to us uninvited at a moment of their choosing. So we have to be much more ready – we have no time to prepare because it is up to them when they come.”

When asked if NATO was “ready for a direct confrontation with Russia”, Bauer replied simply: “We are.”

Speaking to the Global Times, a Chinese-state run outlet, Chinese military experts warned the “danger of ‘another World War’ in Europe is increasing”.

NATO military Committee

“Kiev will always pay efforts to drag its NATO allies to directly fight with Russian troops in Ukraine, as this is probably the only way for Kiev to turn around the current situation. But Washington is not stupid, so it won’t be used by Kiev, but will keep using Kiev to undermine Moscow,” commentator Song Zhongping said.

Bauer said: ‘I think Vladimir Putin is not insane, that’s the good news.’

Luckily, Bauer doesn’t seem to think the threat of World War Three looms too large.

When asked about the possibility of nuclear war, Bauer said: “I think Vladimir Putin is not insane, that’s the good news. He has ideas that are not our ideas, but he is not insane.

“So he is still a rational person and I think that is important with regard to the use of nuclear weapons.

A Russian War Ship

“I think it’s extremely important that we all continue to agree on the fact that a nuclear war should not be fought and can never be won.”


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