Gunmen threaten to kill Gov Uzodinma of Imo


The gunmen who kidnapped Christopher Ohizu, the Sole Administrator of Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State, , have sent a message to Mr Hope Uzodinma,  the governor of Imo State that he would be the next person to be killed.

The gunmen are suspected to be members of Indigenous People of  Biafra abducted Christopher Ohizu from his residence, Friday and beheaded him Sunday after collecting the sum of N6 million ransom.

The gunmen posted a picture of Ohizu in shortnicker with hands tied in a yet-to-be be identified forest where he was believed to have been beheaded. They used his phone to post a gory video of the beheaded LG boss.

While they were addressing Ohizu in an inhuman humiliation, a voice was heard in the background of the video passing a message to Gov Uzodima saying p“Hope, hear the voice once again, Hope, Hope, Hope, I only called you three times, Hope hear the voice once again, you see this man kneeling down, Hope I know you most know this man (sic). I want you to watch the video, watch it very well, the way I am killing this man is the way I will kill you very soon.

“You think moving around with soldiers will solve the problem. Hope I thought you are a sensible man, I didn’t know you are a foolish idiot, you don’t know what you are doing,” he said.

Although there are allegations that they are members of IPOB they however, dissociated their group from the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), saying that they are a different militia.

“We are not ESN, we are not IPOB, we are a set group of people that have seen what has been happening in this land and said enough is enough that we must fight to make sure that Biafra is restored.

Speaking further, the unidentified man accused Governor Uzodimma of sponsoring Boko Haram terrorists, saying “you people are the ones equipping them. You people entered Kuje prison and release captured Boko Haram fighters and give them uniform, arm them with ammunition and send them to Igboland to kill our brothers thinking that you are killing unknown gunmen.”

“Hope, whether you people like it or not when eastern region is concerned, there is no election and there will be no election in eastern region, we can’t accept that, rather, you people will be dying one after the other.”

Meanwhile, there are reports that the Imo State Police Command promised to issue a statement on the issue soon


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