Action Alliance:  Let the masses live well


By Bala Hassan Gusau: Discipline is the Bridge between  greatness and accomplishment,while it is in our moment of decision that our destiny is shaped.

My fellow Nigerians, brothers and sisters the main hope of a Nation lay’s in the proper education of its citizens particularly the women and youths alike,also the secret of finding passion in good governance is to bring passion into everything we think,we believe or we do.Similarly we have to switch our mindset, mentality,thoughts from Nigeria is broken,sick and helpless to  a positive thinking of Nigeria can be healed, repaired, will grow bigger and become better, if we priorities education as our gateway to greatness.

Dr Hamza Almustapha and  Action Alliance Party has placed high priority in education As stated in its manifesto with assurance that all Nigerians will enjoy free, qualitative,sound and vibrant education with provision of a conducive learning environment from primary to university level if we all entrusted our mandate to it by voting Action Alliance to power come 2023 insha Allah.

Fellow Nigerians at home or in diaspora let’s all believe that, if we can dream it,we can become it. A vote for Dr Hamza Almustapha of Action Alliance party is a vote for!

1-Good governance



4-Security of lives & properties

5- Equity.


7-Economic growth & liberation.



9-Freedom of person & movement of all citizens

10-Agrucutural development.

Fellow compatriots if we can imagine it coming definitely we can achieve it.


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