2023 presidential campaigns: Atiku lands in Anambra


Governor Chukwuma Soludo of Anambra says the Nigerian project is greater than any individual’s ambition or political party, while welcoming the presidential candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party to the state.

Mr Soludo said the business of building Nigeria was bigger than any politician, thus commended Atiku Abubakar for coming to the state to canvas for votes, saying that Anambra and South-East remain home to all Nigerians.

He urged him to explain to the electorate how he intended to fix the country’s multiple challenges, if elected, saying politics is about development, adding “Reconciliation and Reconstruction is what we have not come to terms with.

“The federal highways constructed in the Shagari era are no longer passable.

“My administration is already spending a few billions on federal roads.

“The bottom line is that we want to change the life of the average citizen, our people are all ears.

“We pray for you, for Nigeria and wish you the very best of luck,” the governor said.

In a speech, Mr Abubakar said that the courtesy call on the governor was to inform him of his presence in Anambra.

He said that his relationship with Mr Soludo was beyond partisan politics but a commitment to undertake reforms in the nation’s economy.

“There should be a consensus on how we move forward and I consider Soludo as a partner in that respect.

“In spite of our different political affiliations, there should be some core values we should agree to toward the development of our country.

“I thank Soludo for going beyond party politics. He did not shut the gate against us.

“We are all partners in our reform agenda as far as Nigeria is concerned,”  Atiku said.


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