Kwankwaso plans to engage one million recruits to strengthen military


The Presidential Candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP, Sen Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso has pledged to  engage one military recruits to strengthen Nigeria’s armed forces to address the security issue facing Nigeria.

He added that his government would grant education at all levels to citizens and place priority on youth and women empowerment.

On the rumors of merger with some politiacal towards the 2023 elections, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwakwanso debunked reports that he was working on merger programme describing the promoters of  the rumour as failed politicians.

Sen Kwankwaso said this on

 Thursday, December 8, while speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta, shortly after he addressed the NNPP members at the party secretariat in the state capital,

He denied the purposed  planned merger of the party with other political parties ahead of the 2023 general election and  described it  “absolute nonsense”, assuring  that NNPP will be victorious in 2023.

 “That’s absolute nonsense. You see we believe that we are not above the three or four parties in this country, but by 2023, next year, by the grace of God, the NNPP will win the election at national and all other levels”.

“So, these are people who are failed politicians who have nothing to tell Nigerians other than to spread unnecessary rumour of a merger”.

“Merger is already gone. We have our candidates. In all the parties,everybody is campaigning. So, disregard that nonsense

The presidential hopeful lost his temper when asked if he would step down for any candidate, saying, “don’t ask me that rubbish.”
Earlier, the NNPP flagbearer ruled out a merger with the Labour Party, said those who are still talking about the possibility of the NNPP merging with Peter Obi’s LP are unrealistic.
Kwankwaso, phowever, admitted that if both parties had agreed to fuse into one, the 2023 presidential election would have been easy for them to win.
The former governor of Kano state said he was surprised some people were still discussing the possibility of the merger when the window for that opportunity had closed.
Kwankwaso hinted that the negotiation for the merger failed because those who led the LP insisted Peter Obi must be made the presidential candidate because the southeast had never produced the president.
He said: “We have passed the level of any relationship. But it was a good idea. And if it had been possible, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) would not be talking of the possibility of second balloting today”.
“The contentious issue was who will be the presidential candidate and the running mate. The committees from both parties sat to look at the criteria and they said, ‘let’s start from the age, educational qualification, offices held’, but the committee from LP did not want that.


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