The possibility of nuclear war rising   -Russia


The Russian president Vladimir Putin has said the possibility of nuclear war is “on the rise.” saying  Russia did not start “the war” in Ukraine but rather that it began with a “state coup” in 2014, when Moscow took Crimea, Sky News has reported,

Mr. Putin then stated that Poland, which borders Ukraine, wishes to grab territory in the country’s west. In recent months, Poland has welcomed millions of Ukrainian migrants.

“Russia may be the only guarantee of Ukraine’s territorial integrity,” he stated. But it is up to Ukraine’s new leaders.”

“Russia considers nuclear weapons a reaction to an assault,” he stated.

Mr. Putin further stated that Russia “does not have tactical nuclear weapons in other countries, unlike the US,” before adding, “We have the most modern weapons, but we do not wish to parade them around.”

Then he said, “Russia has not gone insane


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