Coup in Germany: 27 persons arrested


German authorities have arrested 27 persons in connection with coup plotting against the government after it had  deployed over 3,000 police operatives to contain a group of persons who planned to overthrow the constitutional order through a coup attempt on Wednesday.

This was disclosed by German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser saying the organization allegedly involved as Reichsbürger.

Foreign media reports that the Reichsbürger movement is members of the country who do not believe in or accept Germany as a federation and are most time, extreme in their reaction to the government.

Faeser vowed to defend the country’s territorial integrity.

“We defend ourselves with all hardness against the enemies of democracy. The investigations reveal the abyss of a terrorist threat from #Reichsbürger . I am very grateful to the more than 3,000 federal and state police forces for their dangerous work today.

“According to the current status of the investigations, the suspected terrorist group uncovered today is driven by fantasies of violent overthrow and conspiracy ideologies. Further investigations will give a clear picture of how far the coup plans had progressed,” she tweeted amid the development.

The government official also fingered the Ukraine invasion by Russian forces as part of the ripple efect but maintained that the nation was ready for any eventuality.

“Since the start of the criminal Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, we have also had a changed security situation in Germany. We take the current threats very seriously – and act! The protection of our critical infrastructures has the highest priority,” she tweeted.



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