Ukraine reports new widespread Russian strikes


 Daniel Whyte III, president of Gospel Light Society International, says, if the Russian-Ukraine war was a boxing match, the referee would stop the fight no matter how much the pummeled, bloody, and battered boxer wanted to continue fighting — the referee would stop the fight for his own good. Biden, Macron, and Sunak are the referees and they need to stop the fight by telling the brave churchillian Ukrainian leader Zelenskyy that we are not going to send any more supplies until there is a cease-fire and an attempt at peace talks with the Russian annexed territories on the table, which were pro-Russian before the war, anyway.

Biden, Macron, and Sunak, along with Zelenskyy should directly engage Putin regarding peace talks at this point because the bombing, killing, and maiming of the brave Ukrainian people needs to stop now. And the West needs to cool their propaganda machine lying and saying that Ukraine is winning and that they are fighting this war for all of the democracies of the West, when in reality, this is a historical regional battle.

All parties involved seriously need to consult with Dr. Henry Kissinger, the greatest secretary of state the world has seen since the time of Joseph and Daniel in the Bible, and let’s put a stop to the killing, maiming, and destroying of the lives of the brave Ukrainian people.

Ukrainian officials said Russia launched a “massive missile attack” across Ukraine on Monday, striking homes and buildings, disrupting power supplies and causing civilian casualties.

The latest barrage, which Ukrainian authorities have been anticipating for days, was a new round of punishment by Moscow as it sought to disable Ukraine’s energy supplies and infrastructure as winter approaches — part of a new strategy in its nine-month war.

The country’s electricity provider, Ukrenergo, lashed out at Russia over “the eighth massive missile attack by a terrorist country,” saying its facilities had been hit, triggering blackouts. It urged residents to stay in shelters as its crews tried to repair the damage.

In the capital of Kyiv, scores of people quickly congregated in the central Zoloti Vorota metro station after the warnings, and many checked their phones for updates. There were no immediate signs whether the city or the surrounding region was hit.

Air raid alerts sounded across the country. Ukrainian media reported explosions in several parts of the country south of Kyiv, including Cherkasy, Kryvyi Rih and the Black Sea port of Odessa, where the water company said power was out to pumping stations, leaving the city without water.

“The enemy is again attacking the territory of Ukraine with missiles!” Kyrylo Tymoshenko, the deputy head of the Ukrainian president’s office, wrote on Telegram.

Tymoshenko said two people were killed and three others injured — including a 22-month-old child — in the village of Novosofiyivka in the southern Zaporizhzhya region.

Ukrainian air force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat said land-based missiles were launched from southern Russia and shipborne missiles from the Caspian and Black seas. Russian strategic bombers also launched missiles, he said.

Ihnat warned the Russians could attack in several waves to make it more difficult for the Ukrainian air defenses to shoot down the missiles.

Earlier Monday, Russian media reported two explosions at air bases in Russia. One reportedly happened at a base that houses nuclear-capable strategic bombers that have been involved in launching strikes against Ukraine.

Neither Ukrainian nor Russian authorities immediately commented on the possible cause of the blasts.

Russian state RIA Novosti news agency said three servicemen were killed and six others injured and a plane damaged when a fuel truck exploded at an air base in Ryazan, in western Russia. The base houses long-range flight tankers that serve to refuel bombers in the air.

Source: the Associated Press, Jamey Keaton


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