In Kenya: Female teacher rapes her pupil


Kenyan authorities have arrested arraigned a female teacher in court for allegedly defiling a primary school boy repeatedly in her bed, after luring him with WI-FI connection,  according to police reports.

The teacher was alleged to have booked the room in the morning and later returned with the boy, who was still in his school uniform, telling him that he could assist him to use WI-FI in browsing information on the internet.

As per the plans, the boy went to Madam Kamau’s room in the company of his friend. They stayed for some time and since he wanted to use the Wi-Fi and did not know the password, he went to ask Madam Kamau who was then in her bed.

Madam in response kissed the boy until she made him sleep with him in her bed against his will. She is claimed to be the one who undressed the boy before victimizing him.

The lodge attendants promptly alerted the police, who arrived at the scene and nabbed the suspect, identified as Madam Kamau (not the real name).

The suspect in her statements to media said she owned up to her actions, saying that the school boy had consented to her plans.

“I had agreed and he (the school boy) said he could go to a lodge with me. When the police stormed in, we were still talking and nothing had happened,” the alleged teacher said.

Further information indicates the police officers had a hectic time controlling a massive crowd which had gathered outside the lodge, to get a glimpse of the female teacher and the school boy.


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