Building hopes around promises


By  By Elder YKFUJUNO:  Small discourtesies,  little form of disrespect make large withdrawals. Truly in a very productive relationships, little things are the big things.

In politics, we create many negative situations by simply assuming that our expectations are self evident and that they are clearly understood, and shared by others.

The acrimonious relationship in politics, are as of the result of sweet talking in the enemies faces, and bad mouthing them behind their backs. This rancorous Hurley Burley is very tasking and sad for a party which laid the foundation of this new political dispensation(Democracy) in 1999 and ruled for solid sixteen (16) years, but should be in tangle in this mess that is seemingly unresolvable in this very important election.

That is why it is said that to be trusted is greater than to be loved in any political setting.

Complete forgiveness only comes from a person that have a deep sense of security in fundamental principles and values in order to genuinely apologize.

PDP is absolutely out for a transformational and not a transitional paradigm shift in the 2023 general elections. So missing potential votes will be a very huge catastrophic for the party. People usually fight for drawing more voters from others parties to theirs and not pushing their members away from the TRUNK.

Your house is yours and no matter how tattered it is, it is much better and reasonable to stay in and carry out all the necessary repairs, than running to a rented house. Whatever support the G5 Governors are doling out to their opposition parties (APC, LABOUR etc,) they are doing that at their own perils because when the chips are down, everyone will locate his bearing.

Mind you, political issues are not Mechanical Engineering, that things are fixed precisely and accurately.

We should and must move away from litigious situations after our elections. The principle of win/win is fundamental to success in all our interactions and that should be our efforts now so that we can enjoy the result of clean politics.

I am strongly calling on all the parties involved in this ugly animosity to sheath their swords and look critically at the trajectory of loosing the elections just because of their selfish ambitions that would do non of them any good at the long last.

The problems of the lose/win people always have grave consequences. Their unexpressed feelings never die.

This is politics and not war. If really the PDP members are truthfully out to salvage this nation from the total bankruptcy of good leaderships,which has been going on  for almost 8 years now, then the great animosity within the ranks and files of its strong members, must and should be discontinued as quickly and early as possible.

As early stated, if animosity or ill  feelings are not punctured on time, they could lead to permanent illness with devastating consequences


We can’t go into a very serious election year of this magnitude with such low mentality.

If really the G5 governors and their supporters are really caring for Nigerians and truly have them at heart, their graciously dropping of their innermost ambitions for the sake of the over 200 millions Nigerians to be set free from this terrible hardships they have been plunged into will be highly appreciated.

Their great sacrifices will be recorded in the book of political history of Nigeria as formidable pillars for a truly New Vibrant Nigeria.

Achieving unity – oneness with ourselves, and working associates is the highest and best delicious fruit of sacrifice they could leave behind for historical recordings and posterity.

Building a character of total integrity and living a life of peace and progress is obviously the best legacy we can bequeath to our younger ones in leaderships.

TRUST and openness in resolving dysfunctional differences brings successes and achievements usually beyond our imaginations.

Let settle down and dialogue with great commitments to reach compromises for our generation and those yet unborn.

Again I want to restate at the closing of this piece  that

The G5 Governors, are potential Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the 10th National Assemble and should therefore work assiduously for their party to win all the elections to enable them form the government at the center with an overwhelming and comfortable majority so that they will be able to concentrate on righting all the perceived injustices, unfairness, and inequalities in our national politics that have brought about our overdue stagnations and instabilities, and the lack of any reasonable progress in the country since independence in 1960.

God have mercy on us and bless us with good leaders comes 2023.




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