Boko Haram, banditry deliberate distractions by local, international collaborators -Maj. Almustapha


The Boko Haram Terrorists Group was deliberately created by local and international collaborators to distract the attention of  Nigerian from the massive illegal mining of mineral resources that was taking place at different locations in Nigeria.

The former Chief Security Officer to General Sani Abacha and Presidential Candidate of Action Alliance, Maj. Hamza Al-Mustapha has disclosed.
Al-Mustapha went further to state that the conspirators came into the country in the guise of providing security and economic assistance to the country, carved out a colony for themselves in the areas where mineral deposit were in commercial quantity, cooked false religious narratives which pitched Christians against Muslims and distracted citizens from understanding the level of economic brigandry going on in the country.
He made the revelations on Tuesday at the Nicon Luxury Hotel Abuja during the Platinum Post, Annual Lecture with the Theme: Contemporary Security Challenges and their Effects on the 2023 General Election.
He said that research he carried out stated that Boko Haram was founded in November 1, 1999 even as insurgency in Nigeria was conceived in 1972.
He wondered why Non-governmental Organizations in Nigeria have continued to provide support and investment in Borno state even as the military, government institutions and citizens are running away from the state due to the dangerous activities of Boko Haram.
Maj Almustapha said that Nigerians must take a break and take a decisive position like Japan after the Hiroshima bombing or China if the country intends to get back on the path of economic and social development.
Narrating the conspiracies that created the level of insecurity in the country, he continued “I was the same person who brought satellite findings, electronic findings, it was brought to Nigeria by me to the leadership of Nigeria in 1996. Boko Haram was empowered by money, weapons, drugs, and a new literature outside religion for them to act as a diversionary force.
“Everything Boko Haram did was a diversionary tactic, aimed at teleguiding the forces to one side, to provide support to heavy mining points where military cannot cross.
“They turned into a shield for the stealing on one hand, on the other hand, inflicting pains and creating false stories. It was a deliberate act to take away what we have” he said.
Al-Mustapha expressed worry that while Nigerians were running away from the North East, foreign nationals were comfortably investing in the North East.
“Unfortunately, traditional institutions, NGOs, associations, youth and old, all these put together, they became friendly unconsciously, to the monster that has created insurgency in Nigeria”.
He revealed that Nigeria has a large volume of gas deposit, insisting that it is time Nigerians should bury its differences, unite and take back the country.
“We have oil and gas in abundance. Too many people who do not understand even with the gas deposit of Nigeria alone, our reserve is 3.176 trillion metric cubic tons. That is enough for Nigeria for hundreds and hundreds of years to come.
“We are to look inwards to know who we are. Nigeria is definitely rated among the 10 richest, if only we can be more united than we are divided”.
Also in his remarks, Chairman of the Occasion and Executive governor of Kano State, His Excellency Abdullahi Ganduje who was represented by Gov. Kano State Deputy Chief of Staff Usman Bala Mohammed said that 2023 campaign season is an opportunity to interrogate candidates so that voters can understand the plans of the candidates.
“Going by the campaigns and debates on issues relating to the governance of the country by candidates of the leading political parties, there is no doubt that the election is potentially going to be the most keenly contested exercise in Nigeria’s political history” Ganduje said.
The organizer of the event and Publisher of Platinum Post, Editor Mr. Edwin Olofu in his opening remarks challenged security chiefs to come out with solutions that will reduce security threats before, during and after the 2023 general elections.
The Special guest at the occasion Gov. Samuel Ortom of Benue State who was represented by Prof. Magdalene Dura. SA SDG to the governor, pointed that out the enormity of resources in Benue state was the force behind the heightened attacks in the state.


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