We secure Kaduna, restore hope     _ Asake, LP  Guber Candidate


LlThe Gubernatorial candidate of the Labour Party, LP in Kaduna State for the 2023 elections, Hon. Johnathan Asake, has pledged to secure Kaduna State and restore hope in the people of the state sayiñg under his leaadership Kaduna State will see a new dawn.

 With Asake/Bashir ticket, things will be done differently. due to their passion for secured Kaduna and restore hope.

He made this declaration during an interactive session with representatives of different trade unions in Kaduna.

While giving a rundown of what he has in stock for the people of Kaduna state and members of his constituency, the labour union, Hon Asake said, “his administration will be an inclusive one devoid of any religious, tribal and cultural tendencies.

Hon Asake’s track record of achievements together with his running mate, Alhaji Bashir Idris Aya, a one time majority leader, Kaduna State House of Assembly is promising 5 key areas of focus that will help secure and boost the economy of Kaduna state.

“Our government will focus on five key pillars. Security, Women and Youth Empowerment, Human Capital Development, Inclusive Economic and Infrastructural Development, Agriculture, and good governance.

We have gone to different local governments, we have come to see that the problem is that of leadership.

Experience he said has shown that leaders who are fair and just to their subjects succeed. He therefore called on leaders to be cautious in the way they manage the affairs of their subjects. Urging that they be guided by the rule of equity, justice and fair play.

 “If there is a leadership that is devoid of these ingredients, that leadership no matter how it is cannot get it right.”

  Leaders should begin to see  their followers as one entity irrespective of their religion, cultural or tribal affiliation. Only then can the nation move forward. He added.

The former Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPO) President said it is time our leaders begin to reflect and tackle economic and developmental issues from human perspective rather than that of religious, tribal and social cultural divides.

Revealations he said have shown that the average Muslims and Christians family in the far north  face same problems with same Muslim/ Christian families in the south.

 lf elected governor of Kaduna state the problem will be tacked headlong.

 “As a leader, you need to see the people not from the premise of their religion, not from the premise of their ethnicity, not from the premise of their culture, not from the premise of their status. No! these are people that God has placed you upon to provide a way for them to reach a common destination.

But what we see today is different as different yardstick is being used to measure such indices.” He lamented.

“Kaduna state is endowed with many natural resources including people that are well trained but still cannot get it right.why?, Problem of leadership. We need leaders that are emphatic and well Inclusive .

“While campaigning, we have toured various local governments out of the 23 LGAs in the state.”

Their tour of various local government areas in the state, he said have helped to reveal many things.


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