FIFA 2022: Qatar constructs mobile stadium


One of the most interesting issues regarding the FIFA 2023 football tournament to be hosted by Qatar is the arena where matches will take place. There are beautiful and well sophisticated football stadia but one of the most interesting thing about this is that one of them can be transported from one place to another

According to a post by ESPN, Stadium 974 in Qatar is the world’s first transportable football arena. It is made from repurposed shipping containers and can be completely dismantled, and transported to another country and put back together for use.

The stadium was named after the number of shipping containers used for it’s construction and the number ‘974’ is also the country’s international code.

The stadium has a huge sitting capacity and it costs $717 million. Up to 40,000 fans will be able to watch matches at this venue.

It is set to host 7 out of the 64 FIFA world cup matches to be played in Qatar including that of Portugal vs Ghana on November 24th.



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