Russia attacks Ukraine with 50 cruise missiles


A new wave of airstrikes targeting critical infrastructure across Ukraine involving more than 50 cruise missiles,were launched by Russia, officials said.

Authorities across the country have reported damage to critical infrastructure and also power cuts as a result of those attacks. These regions include Kharkiv in the Northeast, Zaporizhzhia in the north, and Chernivtsi in the west of the country.

The BBC reported that there are reports of blackouts and also reports that most of the city is now without water. For weeks Russia has been attacking critical infrastructure across the country.

Ukraine officials said, this is how Russia is responding to military defeats on the battlefield by attacking civilian sides in places away from the frontlines.

Reacting to today’s attacks, Ukrainian foreign minister said instead of fighting on the battlefields, Russia fights civilians, and these strikes happened two days after an alleged Ukrainian drone attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet in occupied Crimea.


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