Grains export meeting: Putin pulls out


As tension continue to escate between Russia and Ukraine, Britain accused Russia of inventing a story’ that the British Navy blew up the Nordstream gas supply pipeline and attacked Russian ships with suicide drones near Crimea.

This has made Vladimir Putin pulled out of an internationally-brokered deal to export grains.

The Ministry of Defence today accused the Russian president of fabricating stories to ‘detract from the disastrous handling of the illegal invasion of Ukraine’, adding that the Kremlin is ‘peddling false claims of an epic scale’ after massive explosions rocked a key Crimean port.

The attacks saw Russia end the ‘grain corridor’ in retaliation after claiming that the ships that were targeted by Ukraine forces were involved in the deal to allow grain exports.

But Russia’s decision to end the deal comes amid fears that Putin has been searching for an excuse to pull out and plunge third world countries into famine as part of efforts to ramp up his faltering invasion. The country has also recently criticised the deal, saying its own grain exports have suffered due to Western sanctions.

Meanwhile, the MoD today said: ‘To detract from their disastrous handling of the illegal invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Ministry of Defence is resorting to peddling false claims of an epic scale.

‘This invented story, says more about arguments going on inside the Russian Government than it does about the west.’

The Turkey and UN-brokered deal to unlock grain exports signed between Russia and Ukraine in July is critical to easing the global food crisis caused by the conflict.

The agreement had already allowed more than nine million tonnes of Ukrainian grain to be exported and was due to be renewed on November 19.

In an earlier statement, Russia’a defence ministry said: ‘In light of the terrorist act carried out by the Kyiv regime with the participation of British experts against ships of the Black Sea fleet and civilian vessels involved in the security of grain corridors, Russia suspends its participation in the implementation of the agreement on the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports.’

The Kremlin has now requested a UN Security Council meeting on Monday following the attack.

Source: MailOnline, Authur Parashar, Jamie Phillips, Will Stewart


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