Tension escalates in the  Korean Peninsula


The Korean Peninsula is tensed as military movement increases between South and North Korea. Reports say

South Korea has scrambled fighter jets after Kim Jong Un‘s warplanes flew towards the border and launched a ballistic missile into the ocean

Around 10 North Korean military aircraft were seen flying near the de-facto border overnight, in what it says is a response to ‘provocative action’ by its southern neighbour.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff says planes were seen flying as close as 12km north of the boundary between the two countries late on Thursday and early on Friday.

In response F-35 jets and other warplanes were scrambled by the South, while there were no reports of clashes in the air.

Shortly afterwards a short-range ballistic missile was fired by Kim’s troops towards its eastern waters, the latest in a series of launches that have seen tensions rise in the peninsula.

The JCS said the missile lifted off from the North’s capital region at 1.49am and that it had boosted its surveillance posture and maintains military readiness in close coordination with the United States.

It comes a day after the authoritarian country launched two long-range cruise missiles over the Yellow Sea, with Kim saying his nation is ‘at full preparedness for actual war


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