Rejecting $200,000 by a policeman in Nigeria


Bribe taking by policeman in Nigeria has become a feature and there is the belief that you can have your way out no matter the crime you might have committed if you cooperate with the police.

A situation where police officer is offered a bribe $200,000must have involved millions of dollars especially where and it is linked to armed robbery.
But the narrative changed when SP Daniel Itse Amah of, Nasarawa Divisional Police Office, Kano, rejected the sum of $200,000 in a case of alleged armed robbery.
It was gathered that the DPO led security agents on an operation in Kano which lead to the arrest of the suspected armed robbery syndicate.
The professionalism exhibibid by Amah lead to the arrest of a Kano-based legal practitioner known as Ali Zaki, and some police officers, who are suspected accomplices.
The actions of SP Daniel Itse Amah has excited the Nigeria Police hierachy and the case was consequently transferred to the Force Headquarters in the Federal Capital Territory.
The Inspector General of Police, Usman Alkali Baba was full of praises and commendations on Daniel Amah.The IGP’s commendation to SP Daniel was contained in a letter released to the press on Monday, August 15, 2022.
For exhibiting professional policing Amah was presented a certificate of Award.


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