Mariga River overflows, washes 500 graves


Over five hundred corpses were swept by flood from their graves in a cemetery  in Mariga town of Mariga Local Government Area, Niger State.

Two hundred of the bodies have been recovered.
Media reports that River Mariga overflowed its banks towards the graveyard which led to the washing away of the corpses from their graves, some locals said
The source said villagers woke up in the early hours of Wednesday to discover corpses floating on the river, adding that some of the bodies are still missing.
The reports said  the District Head communicated with the state government and requested immediate action and they responded swiftly.
“The government officials promptly responded and as of this (Wednesday) afternoon, about 200 bodies were recovered, they are still struggling to get access to the area,” he added.
“It is true that River Mariga overflowed its banks and washed away parts of the grave located around the area.
“I visited there with the commissioner of works and it is true that dead bodies were washed away but I cannot give you the number of the bodies because Tthe recovery is still ongoing,” Inga added


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