Former First Lady jailed 14 years use

Former Honduran first lady Rosa Nonillion was jailed, 14 years in p on Wednesday on charges of fraud and misappropriation.
A  court sentenced, Rosa Bonilla, on charges of fraud and misappropriation of funds destined fo social programs, a judicial spokesperson said.
Bonilla, wife of former President Porfirio Lobo, spent some 12.2 million lempiras (then worth around $590,000) meant for low-income children on personal credit card payments, her children’s school fees and real estate construction, according to the public ministry.
Her lawyer, Juan Berganza, said he would appeal the sentence.
“The former First Lady Rosa Elena Bonilla has been sentenced to 14 years and one month in prison for the crimes of continued fraud and misappropriation of public funds destined for social programs,” Carlos Silva, a spokesman for the Supreme Court of Justice, told reporters.
Bonilla had previously been sentenced to 58 years in prison in an earlier trial, which Honduras’ Supreme Court annulled in early 2020, arguing it was full of


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